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Choosing a gift for that special someone doesn’t have to be daunting, it is fun and exciting!
And that’s what Bandicoot Gifts is all about.
A bandicoot is a small marsupial animal native across much of Australia.
It's really cute and unusual, so too are the items in our store.
Just like you, we enjoy shopping online for exciting items that are not sold in stores.
We are dedicated to finding the most unique, eccentric and popular gifts that we are able to source all over the world.
Choose from a variety of items guaranteed to make someone special in your life or yourself happy.
We have great gift ideas whether it is for a Wedding, Birthday or for your awesome Valentine or a Bestie.
Browse through our Featured Products and make use of our Free Shipping options.
We welcome feedback or suggestions.
Contact us should you have any queries by filling the form on our Contact Page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Having trouble selecting a gift for someone?
Here are a few tips and some things you may want to consider when buying a gift:
The occasion. Depending on the purpose, the age and gender of the person you are buying for, different gifts would be recommended.
Is it a wedding?
Is it a graduation?
Is it a baby shower?
Think of these things and you may know already what to get. Your gift could definitely be something that can be used for the purpose of the event.
Know what the person may want or need. This step could be the hardest part, but is possibly the most important.
You want to get them something that is useful and something they like, right?
Think of their interests. Are they into soccer? Art? Reading? Ask another person about what they are into. Ask their sibling, parent, or a friend of theirs to give some ideas without giving away the secret. Or, simply ask them if they have a wish list, either on a website, or a verbal one. Just ask for some ideas or ask what they like, but you can keep it a surprise if you want. Are they always saying, "I could really use a _________", or "I can't believe I lost/broke my ________." There's a gift idea!
If you know the gift recipient well, anything you get them, they'll probably like, because they got it from you.
Try to pick a gift that nobody else would get the person. You are on the right track being here looking through Bandicoot Gifts!