Really Handy 2Pce Citrus Juice Sprayer

Really Handy 2Pce Citrus Juice Sprayer

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Don’t squeeze it, spray it instead!!
Introducing 2Pcs/set Citrus Juice Sprayer.
This amazing novelty item is designed for juice to be sprayed directly out of citrus fruit instead of getting it all over your hands.
You no longer need to cut and squeeze fruit to get the juice out.
With just one finger citrus juice can be sprayed on your favorite salads, seafood and other food items, or use it to get rid of nasty odors off your hands.

Comes with 2 attachments - for lemons and limes and a saucer to keep your fruit upright.
Can also be used for other types of citrus, for example, oranges, etc.


 Material: ABS
 Size: Large: 10.5cm  Small: 8cm
 Weight: 43 g
 Package includes: 2pcs/set citrus juice sprayer in a box


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