Magic Broom Floor Sweeper

Magic Broom Floor Sweeper

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How handy is this??? The Magic Broom Sweeper requires no electricity, is quiet, convenient and picks up dirt from all hard floors.

When you need to clean up fast, the Magic Broom Sweeper is ready. 
No need to hassle with the vacuum cleaner, struggling with a power cord and extension leads all over your home. 
Just grab the Magic Broom Sweeper and let it quickly pick the mess. 
As you glide the Magic Broom Sweeper over your floor, the two-sided brushes rotate to scoop debris into the front of the Magic Broom, and into another rotating brush that scoops it up and into the waste container. 

When you're finished, simply empty the debris from the waste container directly into the bin and put the Magic Broom back in the cupboard ready for next time. 

The Magic Broom is made from tough but lightweight ABS plastic and is available in four bright colors. 

As it requires no electricity, there's no need to plug it in and no power cords to trip over or get tangled around furniture. 

As you push the Magic Broom, the brushes rotate picking up debris, so not having a motor means it is very quiet, which is great when you're need to clean the floor, but you don't want to wake the little ones! And because it's made from ABS plastic with no motor it's also light in weight, so you'll be reaching for the Magic Broom rather than the heavy and awkward vacuum cleaner for most cleaning jobs

The rotating side brushes means you can sweep right up to walls and furniture to collect dust and dirt without scratching. The Magic Broom has a long handle so you don't have to bend over, and this is connected to the base of the unit via a flexible joint.  This allows you to manoeuvre the Magic Broom around and under furniture with minimum effort to ensure you pick up every piece of rubbish.

Dustpan Material: Plastic
Broomstick Material: Plastic


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