Magnetic Reusable Eyelashes

Magnetic Reusable Eyelashes

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These Magnetic REUSABLE Lashes are a godsend!

You wouldn't want to wear any other falsies after you've tried these.

Click & Go, it's that easy!

Such a simple concept that will have you wondering why not all artificial eyelashes are made this way. And who says glamorous lashes can’t look natural?

Get an instant voluminous lash in seconds that can be reused over and over!

Our Magnetic Eyelashes give you luxurious length and volume without the “false lash” feel.

Striking and sophisticated, this versatile lash goes with any look — from daytime to evening wear.

No wonder it’s our best-selling item! 


  • Goes on in seconds (no messy glues or adhesives required)
  • Tiny lightweight magnets that are hardly visible
  • Ultra-lightweight (you may even forget you’re wearing them… until you see your stunning self in the mirror, that is)
  • “Budge-proof” magnetic technology secures your Lash in place until you’re ready to remove it
  • Safe for everyday use: our patented glue-free design won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes (can’t say that about other lash extensions!)
  • Quantity: 4 pieces.
  • 2 Full Strip False Lashes that clip together with magnets over the natural lash
  • You can trim them to fit your eyes and preferences
  • Cost includes one set for each eye (left and right)
  • Handmade high-quality product
  • Length of each eyelash: 1cm-1.5cm

Questions you may have:

How do they work?

  • The basic concept is this: you place one lash segment on top of your natural upper lash line, then one right underneath the upper lashes. The tiny magnets on each lash segment connect around your natural lashes and hold themselves in place, no glue required!

Do they hurt (or rip out) your natural lashes?

  • Nope! In fact, these are much better for your lashes than traditional falsies, which can irritate your lashes with glue. It's important never to tug on these lashes to avoid damaging them or your own natural lashes; simply slide them apart with your thumb and index finger. You can see this process demonstrated in the video, where it is shown how to gently shift the magnets without damaging your own lashes.

How long do they last?

  • They are reusable and with proper care can last a long time.

Are they heavy?

  • They feel just like regular falsies — you're aware of them for a minute or so, then your eyes adjust and you stop noticing the extra weight.

Do you still wear mascara with the magnetic extensions?

  • You can add a bit of mascara to your inner lashes and let it dry for several minutes before applying your Magnetic Lashes. We recommend you do not apply mascara on top of the falsies in order to keep them as clean as possible, a layer of mascara on your natural lashes is sufficient.



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